I am a self-taught artist and have created art in various forms throughout my life. I paint all subjects, but am more drawn toward the human form, portraits, architecture and “holistic” images. I create works in many different mediums: watercolor, oil, acrylics, pastel, pencil, metal, glass, and stone.

As a self-taught artist, my approach to art is non-traditional. I do not attempt to follow the traditional “rules” of art, but rather choose to create with as few limitations as possible. My paintings often contain bold, bright colors and often convey portraits , nudes and architecture. I normally choose the colors based upon how the subject makes me feel, as opposed to the “real” colors of the subject.

My primary goal is to paint for self-expression and inspiration. In a society that is increasingly fast paced and stressful, art provides a way for me to relax and rejuvenate. It also provides a way for me to practice the important skill of stopping to appreciate the good things in life. Seeing things with the “eye of an artist” makes it easy to see beauty where others may miss it. As a result, I strive for all of my work to convey positive emotions and invoke an uplifting response in the viewer.

I also believe in the positive effects of art as it relates to physical and emotional health. Whether creating art or simply viewing it, I believe that art has the power to improve the quality of our lives. My work is sometimes an attempt to inspire others to stop and question if they are focusing on what’s truly important in their lives…to make them “stop and smell the roses”.

This philosophy is extended to the workshops that I teach. I teach beginning watercolor because I like to help people discover a new way of seeing things and a new way of thinking. In my workshops, I strive to help students learn how to enjoy the process of creating and appreciating art.


· Hampshire County Fall Fine Arts Show, 2006
· Best Representation of Human Figure - "Christine's Victory", oil
· Western Maryland Watercolor Society 14th Annual Spring Show, 2004 Views from Western Maryland Award - "Cumberland Valley"; Honorable Mention Award – “Contemplation"
· Western Maryland Watercolor Society 13th Annual Spring Show, 2003 Honorable Mention Award – “The Chakra of Massage”
· Western Maryland Watercolor Society 12th Annual Spring Show, 2002 Creativity Award – “HooDoo”

         Western Maryland Watercolor Society’s Year Round Exhibition in the Schwartzenbach Building, downtown Cumberland, MD.

· Cumberland Theartre Bev Walker Gallery - July 2016
 "Like Mother, Like Daughter II - Uncensored", Two man show, Hazen Gallery, Allegany College of Maryland, Cumberland, MD December 2008- February 2009
· "Like Mother, Like Daughter", Two man show, Allegany College of Maryland's Culinary Cafe, Cumberland, MD
· Solo show, offices of McCagh and Roberts, Cumberland MD, by invitation of the Allegany Arts Council. April-June 2006.
· Solo show, “Edward Jones Investment” building, Cumberland MD historical area by invitation of the Allegany Arts Council. October-December 2005.
· Invitational three man show entitled “Naturescape”, at the Tenley Gallery of Allegany College of Maryland, Bedford County Campus. March-May 2002.

· Western Maryland Watercolor Society
· Allegany Area Arts Alliance
· Allegany Arts Council


  Through Allegany College of Maryland's Continuing Education Department and independent workshops.

· Watercolor for Beginners
· Watercolor for Novices Special Topics
· Drawing for the Non-Artist (Personal Rediscovery Series)
· Watercolor for the Non-Artist (Personal Rediscovery Series)
· Online Watercolor for Beginners


    Instructional DVD Series “Watercolor Basics for Beginners”

    · “Starting From Scratch”
    · “Your First Full Painting”
    · “Painting Flowers – Wet-on-wet Techniques”

    Published in "Expressions" magazine, Allegany College of Maryland spring 2009 issue. "Christine's Victory II", watercolor

    Published in Allegany Magazine, April/May 2006 issue. “Chakra of Massage” used as a two-page illustration for “The Art of Massage” article.

    Fine art reproductions (prints) from the original paintings:

           · Scheveningen
           · The Kimble Farm
           · 11 Parkside Boulevard
           · In the Presence of God
           · Emmanuel Episcopal Church
           · The Chakra of Massage
           · Cumberland Valley
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