Online Painting Courses

Have you always wanted to learn to paint in watercolor but didn’t have the time to attend a class? Now you can learn how to paint online, in the comfort of your own home.

With classes conducted over the Internet, lessons consist of video painting demonstrations, video "lectures",step-by-step articles (with accompanying photographs) and interaction with the instructor and other students by use of a class discussion board. The video clips are provided on DVD and/or online. To view a sample lesson, click here.

Designed for those who have no or little experience in watercolor, the focus will be on getting comfortable with basic techniques and enjoying the process of painting. The basics of materials, tools, techniques, color mixing and “seeing” your subject will be explored. The class is designed to be fun and inspirational and will focus on how to relax and enjoy the process of painting.

After each lesson, you will have an opportunity to apply the material by completing a painting exercise. These assignments may be submitted to me (optional) and I will provide feedback, encouragement and personally answer any questions you may have. Students may also submit their assignments to the class discussion board so they can share their work and discuss it with each other.

I will lead discussions in the discussion board throughout the 5 week class, touching on topics related to each weeks lesson, so everyone will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions! (This is the best part of the class!)

Bobbi demonstrating paper dams
Watercolor Basics for Beginners
Online Course
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For detailed information about the course view the full syllabus.
Computer requirements:

    High speed Internet connection and basic Internet skills such as surfing the Internet and using email
    DVD player
    If students wish to submit their exercises/paintings to the instructor for feedback, they must have access to either a digital
    camera or a scanner to convert their paintings into electronic form.

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.NEW! Instructional video used in my online classes are also available separately.
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Students should have supplies prior to the first day of class. A supply list is available here.
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