Would you like a customized painting of that special someone? What about your home or a special place from your childhood? Would you like to have a painting of your favorite little furry friend? Original art work adds class and a personal touch to any setting. It also makes a perfect momento to hand down to children or give as a gift.

It's easy to commission a painting! All you need to do is email me a photograph (or two) and I will create a painting. I can create it in watercolor or oil and in whatever size you prefer. Not sure exactly what you want? Let me help you decide what would best suit your needs.

Before starting a commission I like to discuss the history behind the subject so I can create the "mood" you're looking for. I'll ask you to identify any features of the subject (whether it be a face or a home) you may like and any features you may dislike. This allows me to emphasize the things that make the person or home special and to de-emphasize anything that seems to take away from the subject. Perhaps you are commissioning a portrait of your little girl and you love the pouty face she is making (see below). Or perhaps you designed your home and love the wrap-around porch. Knowing this allows me to produce a finished work with the "feel" you desire.

You also may request features from several photographs to be merged into the finished work. For example, the background from one photograph can be used with the face from a different photograph.

Example: The below two photographs were combined to make the finished work "Jackie's Atlantis."
Other samples of original photographs and the finished works:
Prices for commissions vary depending upon whether you prefer a drawing or a painting, the size of the finished work and the complexity of the subject. Paintings start at $195.

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