Instructional Videos
Lesson One: Starting from Scratch
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Introduction to watercolor painting for the absolute beginner.
Instructional Videos
"Watercolor Basics for Beginners" video series.

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Instructional Videos For the Absolute Beginner
For the absolute beginner. If you have never picked up a brush before (or you are switching from another medium such as oil or acrylic) this lesson is for you. It covers all of the basics, such as how to accomplish the "dreamy" feeling of traditional watercolor painting, how to correct mistakes (contrary to what most people believe, you can "erase" mistakes in watercolor), how to get colors to blend together smoothly, how to keep objects in your painting from bleeding together, and other common techniques.

 All techniques are demonstrated with easy to follow instructions.

Also covered are typical watercolor supplies and materials, such as what paints, paper and brushes to purchase, what extra items are helpful, and what items are required and what items you can "scrimp" on.

22 minutes. The lesson covers...
...typical watercolor supplies
...including paints
How to paint "wet-on-wet" to get that loose, free flowing feel watercolor is known for...
How to blend colors and also keep them from unwanted "bleeding"....
How to "erase" mistakes...
Glazing (painting over an already dried layer of paint to get a more luminous effect)...
...and much more!
    (2 minutes 40 seconds. 4.2 meg) This clip is lower resolution than the actual DVD.)
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Lesson Two: Your First Full Painting
Watching an artist paint is the best form of instruction. Watch the process of completing a still life painting from start to finish, as we answer the following questions, and more:

    1) Where and how do I start the painting?
    2) Is it ok to draw on the watercolor paper with pencil?
    3) Should I start painting on the background or the foreground?
    4) Do I paint in layers or all at once?
    5) How do I get the colors to look darker?
    6) How do I make my painting look more 3 dimensional?
    7) How do I know when my painting is finished?
    8) And much more.....

    38 minutes. This lesson covers....
Still Life Painting Demonstration and "Paint Along"
How to analyze your subject in preparation for painting (what to look for)...
Painting the first "wash" (layer) and blending colors on the paper...
Using layers to darken colors and add depth...
How to paint the background and shadows...
Adding the finishing details and definitions.
...and much more!
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